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Tic Toc Escapes

We are a locally, family owned and operated escape room host in Raleigh, NC. After learning about escape rooms, we set out to create our own puzzles, growing more excited after each game we played!

We are a mix of personalities and skills that make a balanced team…engineer, entrepreneur, storyteller, left brain, right brain, MBA, travel agent, manager, teacher, thinker, southerner, craftsman, doer, MSE, northerner, artist, UNC, NC State, competitor, inventor, analyst… our family is locally grown with Philly roots.

Together we craft puzzle games for different ways of problem-solving. The games are logic-based and do not require trivia knowledge. Some players excel at riddles and others at identifying spatial clues, while some like physical puzzles and other players prefer calculations. By design, teams must combine multiple ways of thinking to reveal codes, unlock keys, complete the mission and escape the room… tic toc!

Please contact us if you have any questions about our escape rooms in Raleigh.

Hope to see you soon!

Featured on WRAL’s Out & About

“Overall, the adrenaline of being an escape room and the brain power it takes to try to get out equals a pretty fun way to spend a date night.” Hanrahan, K. (2015, Nov. 10). Escape…

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Spooky Escape Room Open

New Spooky Escape Room Open

While Harrison Ford is “in a galaxy far, far away” – you can be Indiana Jones in “Night at the Mausoleum” (secret code name “Temple of Room”). Find the chalice, escape the tomb 2-4 players…

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Testing…Is this thing on? YES

Our website took some time off this weekend, but “the green room” was hopping. We had some really fun groups in that we hope to see again! Check them out on our Facebook page. Coming…

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October is Here, Escape your Ordinary Confines

October discounts are now posted on our specials page …currently conjuring our Halloween themed escape room

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Escape Room for Kids

Our newest escape room is now open for kids 8 to 13 years old to play without parents. We also have a party room available for rent to continue the celebration with pizza and cake! BOOK…

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Congrats to Rodney Coffin!


Congrats, Rodney Coffin! We promise we blindly picked a name out of the orange hand and out came Coffin. You cannot make this stuff up! WLFL TV Cw22 North Carolina Museum of History Halloween Safe…

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Our 5 escape rooms offer different themed games that are perfect for your next corporate team building party, birthday party, or bachelorette party. We even have a game catered specifically for kids! Our talented team designs every game from scratch to provide a unique, immersive environment that will be both challenging and entertaining for the whole group.

Check out our different games here and contact us today to book your next party!

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