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Frequently Asked Questions

The friendly team at Tic Toc Escapes strives to provide a safe, fun, one-of-a-kind experience to every player. Our games are highly interactive and entertaining for all ages, and are perfect for your next team building activity. Before you book, see some of our frequently asked questions below and if you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Yes. Your health is a top priority, and we have put special measures in place with the aim to keep all guests safe.

PRIVATE GAMES – All games are now private. A minimum of four tickets must be booked by your group.

STRINGENT CLEANING – We are disinfecting our lobby, escape rooms, and bathrooms between groups. Hand sanitizer will be available to all of our guests.

PPE – All staff members will be wearing the necessary PPE. Players are also required to wear masks.

WELLNESS CHECKS – Employees take daily wellness checks to ensure they are healthy and symptom-free. Players must pass a temperature check before entering the building. If anyone in your group is experiencing symptoms or does not pass the temp check, we will work directly with you to cancel or reschedule your escape game.

Anyone under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult, unless they are playing The Unreal Room. Kids under 14 years enjoy the puzzles, but there are some concepts and math in the games that under 14’s are usually not familiar with, yet.

An escape room is a fun, live, interactive puzzle game for you and others to enjoy. You will be locked in a specially designed, themed room full of clues, puzzles, and brainteasers. You will be given a back story and an objective, which you have to complete within one hour in order to escape.

In “the green room” and “the locker room” and “temple of room” and “the unreal room” YOU WILL be locked in the room. But, you can leave at any time. Sometimes players leave to use the restroom or for an emergency work call. We suggest you stay in the room for the whole game, you won’t regret it. In “a very tacky Christmas” YOU WILL NOT be locked in a room. This game is mission based – you are supposed to unlock something important in the room before exiting the room.  Groups can opt to leave the “escape door” unlocked if some players are uncomfortable about being locked in the game.

Only one of our games is spooky. Temple of Room sends you into a room that is themed like a mausoleum or tomb. So, the lights are low, with some sound effects and fog effect. The game is set to feel spooky in a psychological way. There are no chainsaws or blood or living people/animals/insects in the mausoleum. If you are concerned about the sound effects or fog, you can opt out of those in the comments section during booking.

That is really up to you and your wits. If you solve the puzzles fast and work as a team you just might become a new record setter. All of our games are a 60-minute race against time.

Buy tickets online through our website.

You are not required to make a reservation online, but we highly recommend you do. While we offer game times most days between 10am and 9pm, we are not always at the shop unless games are booked. There is generally a buffer time on our online reservations. If you would like to play within two hours of your preferred game time, please call us. We will try to accommodate.

Yes, we offer digital gift certificates that can be purchased on our site. You will receive an email confirmation that can be printed or emailed to your gift recipient.

All of our games are now private games.  Your group of players will be the only players in the game.

Please call us if you are running late and we will try to accommodate you. Late entry is not guaranteed. If others have booked the same game time as you, then we cannot allow late entry.

Yes, extra tickets can be added and paid for upon arrival to the game if you have not already booked the maximum number of players allowed in that game.

Max total of 9 in the green room.

Max total of 10 in the locker room.

Max total of 4 in the temple of room (No more than 4 due to size and linear puzzle).

Call us to make arrangements.

Please let us know as soon as possible, preferably 24 hours ahead of game time. All sales are final. While there are no refunds, we will try to reschedule your tickets for a different time.

Contact us via email or phone:

There is a free parking lot in front of the entrance to our building on Fairview Road with five spots for our customers and Tao’s customers to share.  There are some free parallel parking spots on Fairview and some free nonparallel spots across the street. Most are 2 hour time limited Monday through Friday, a few are 15-minute limit M-F. Please keep an eye on the signage. Five Points has many popular shops and restaurants and a post office, so parking can be tight some days, but there is a lot of turnover. There is also parking available on Glenwood Ave. (check signage for hours) and street parking is within walking distance on Fairview and in nearby neighborhoods. If you need to drop anyone off, there is a loading zone in front of 2006 Fairview. Call us if you have trouble finding parking and we can help you.

If you have reading glasses, we suggest you bring them into the escape game.

You can bring your personal belongings with you or we can securely store them at our reception for free.

No, we do not allow alcohol in Tic Toc Escapes. We tried allowing groups to BYOB but decided that a policy of no alcohol better guarantees a fun and safe environment for all guests.  There are bar and restaurant options in Five Points Raleigh within walking distance.

Call us at 984-789-9978 or email us.

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